LT Browser: Product Enhancements

Our homegrown responsive testing app has been recently upgraded with latest devices, desktop resolutions and keyboard shortcuts.

New Devices Added: 📱 

  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11 
  • iPhone SE (2020) 
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

New Screen Resolutions To Test On: 📺 
We have added new Mac laptops and desktop resolutions to ease out your responsive testing efforts.

New Shortcuts for Windows Users:  

[ for expand and collapse sidebar

ALT+Pfor performance report

CTRL+SHIFT+R to replace/add the right device

ctrl+shift+d for removing the right device.

Coding Jag Weekly is here!

Welcome to the 12th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a “QA Champion?” 🏆 

“You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” –Zig Ziglar

Having said that, We take you through a journey of a test automation engineer career path, which can help you become a QA champ. We also walk you through 18 characteristics of Alice's cocktail of testing excellence 💁 

It’s not just all; Raj Subrameyer describes 6 Questions to Help You Know When to Stop Testing 🚫 

In this edition, we have hand-picked news and updates, creating a buzz in the testing space, which accounts for some of the week’s exciting stories.

From converting your website into an app in 3 easy steps 🚀 to the challenge of testing data pipelines, we have something to suit everyone’s interest.

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Now Test On Latest Browsers & Devices

We have expanded our browser collection by adding the latest stable & beta versions of multiple browsers to our automation, screenshot and real time testing. 

You can now perform cross browser testing over these browsers: 🚀 

For Automation Testing:

  • Google Chrome 87
  • Microsoft Edge 86

For Screenshot Testing:

  • Google Chrome 86
  • Mozilla Firefox 81
  • Opera 71 & 72
  • Microsoft Edge 86

For RealTime Testing

  • Google Chrome 87 Beta
  • Microsoft Edge 87 Beta
  • Mozilla Firefox 82 & 83 Beta
  • Opera 72

We have also added New Android Devices in Real Time Testing 🚀 

  • Galaxy Tab S6
  • Galaxy Tab S7
  • Amazon Fire HD 8

Now Export All Test Issues To XLSX Format

Your feedback is the fuel to our innovation. With every feature update we want to ensure our users have no roadblocks while executing tests using LambdaTest.

Considering your feedback for Issue Tracker, we have now added the feature to export all your test related issues in a spreadsheet (XLSX format)  

Earlier we had the option to export in PDF, however when a user logs in multiple issues it becomes difficult to consolidate for monitoring or sharing purposes. 

How to get there? 🚀 
As you sign-in, 

Click on issue tracker
Select the issues you want to export
Click on Export and select Export to XLSX

[Major Update] LT Browser and Lighthouse Integration

Hey Testers 😎
Glad to announce that LT Browser now comes with Lighthouse Integration to bring you responsive and performance reporting together in a single app.🚀 

Using LT Browser you can view and compare your website on the latest mobile/laptop or custom devices and have Lighthouse deliver you a performance report on where your website is lacking. 

This allows you to have a complete scope of your website enabling you to monitor responsiveness and performance all at once, saving you time in your testing. 

With Lighthouse Integration, you can check 

  • Device Performance Score 📳 
  • Performance Metrics 📶 
  • Runtime Settings  

For more information on how Lighthouse Integration statistics please refer to our support documentation How To View Performance Report On LT Browser

Coding Jag 11th issue is now live! #SubsribeNow

Welcome to the 11th edition of our weekly newsletter CodingJag by LambdaTest 💥

There comes a point in every professional’s life when their strategies and processes need a major overhaul  

Technology is changing at the blink of an eye and so are customers’ expectations from your product. If you don’t change often and enough, you risk becoming obsolete.

But we can’t let that happen to our comrades. So, let’s reinvent your testing practices and see what you can make out of it! 💪 

As you leverage new tools, take calculated risks, or establish new goals, Raj Subrameyer wants you to follow certain steps and master the art of testing. Won’t it be better to reinvent the wheel instead of breaking it? 👀

Apart from that, this edition provides more food for thought around the best GitHub repos, manual testing, automation, and the latest events from our world. Put on your thinking caps now! 💆 

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Now Test on Android 11 in Real Time

Hello Testers😎

We are glad to announce that LambdaTest now supports Android 11 🔊 🚀 

Android 11 comes with a plethora of changes, right from enhanced voice access to conversational notifications. Test now to ensure if these changes are affecting your websites or web applications.

Below is the list of devices supporting Android 11 on LambdaTest👇 

[Newsletter Alert] CodingJag Weekly is here!

Welcome to the 10th edition of Coding Jag brought to you by LambdaTest!

Being a tester, how often do you Google this query “When Will Selenium 4 Be Released?” Ah yes, that’s the most frequently asked question 👊

With Selenium 4 promising to have features like relative locators, window/tab management, and the Chrome DevTools APIs, curiosity has gone a step ahead.  

Well in this edition, we have hand-picked news and updates, creating a buzz in the testing space, which accounts for some of the week’s exciting stories. From the release of Selenium 4 to the upcoming EuroStar Testing Conference, we have something to suit everyone’s interest 💟

If you want to stay updated with such amazing stories around testing space,


[WEBINAR] Learn How To Get Started With TestCafe

Join our Webinar 💻 on 2nd Dec 2020 and learn how to get started with TestCafe and integrate it with LambdaTest to get better browser coverage. 

Speakers 🎤

👤 Paul Usher
Tech Evangelist - DevExpress

👤 Mudit Singh
Director Product & Growth - LambdaTest

What To Expect?🔍 

  • Introduction - Test Cafe.
  • Running your first Automation Test.
  • How LambdaTest & TestCafe integrate for better browser coverage.
  • Q&A session

Now Invite Multiple Team Members With Pre-Assigned User Roles

Hey Testers 😎

Our customers are always the priority here at LambdaTest. Every decision we make is customer-inspired, and your feedback fuels our innovation. 

We analyzed the roadblocks you faced while managing team and user roles. To ease it out, we have now introduced multiple team invite with pre-assigned roles.

All you have to do is visit Team and click on Add Multiple

This simplifies the process of adding multiple team members to your account by
👤 👥 Using CSV Values of Email
👮 💂 Assigning Bulk Roles or Individual Roles
Our improvised team management helps you gain better control over how a user can access the product, manage your subscription, and access your test results. To learn more please refer our documentation on Adding Multiple Team Members

Happy Testing! 

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