Now Test Your Website From Different Geo Locations🌍

We have made cross browser testing from different geo locations a lot easier for you😁. Now, you can test from different geo locations by just selecting a country while performing real time testing and your location will be updated.

Select your location from a list of more than 45 countries and get started with cross browser geo location testing super easy!!!

How to use Geo Location testing?

We have added a simple drop down under the settings button using which you can select a country of your preference and hit apply, the cloud machine would be then routed to a respective IP address based on your selection.

Give it a shot now! 🚀

Live Interactive testing on Latest iPhone 11 series with iOS 13 and latest Safari browser

LambdaTest is now live with all newly released iPhones 📱. Now you can perform live interactive testing on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max at our platform under Real time testing.

These new iPhones come with the latest Safari browser and the recently launched iOS 13.0.

So, what are you waiting for?

Test your website now on these latest iPhones and make sure your users are not facing any issue with them. :)

Perform Screenshot tests on pages secured by Login

The most demanded feature in screenshot testing is now live on LambdaTest 🍾. You can now take screenshots of pages secured behind UI based login. With new LambdaTest login profile feature, you can save your login profile along with login URL, and take screenshot of authenticated pages across multiple browsers with a single click. 💻

For now, this feature is available with desktop browsers!! We are working on bringing mobile browsers as well soon. Since this is in our Beta phase, your feedback will help us to improve this!! Don’t forget to share how it works for you. 😉

Check out our post to see how this works . 😁

Happy Testing!

We're starting a changelog for you to keep you updated!

Howdy, Everyone? Keeping you updated is our major responsibility. ☺️ So we thought to keep you in the loop using in-app notifications. From now onwards, you can stay updated with every new feature, browser, OS, device, and more updates on LambdaTest here so you don’t miss on anything.

Happy Testing! ☺️