Webinar: End to End Mobile Testing with HeadSpin & LambdaTest

Join us for the latest Webinar on "End to End Mobile Testing with HeadSpin & LambdaTest".

Speakers: Jeena James (VP of Developer Product & Platforms at Headspin), Nathan Krishnan (Principal Engineer - Technical Operations & Customer Success at Headspin), and Mudit Singh (Director Product & Growth LambdaTest)

Day/Time: 25th March 2020 | 10:00 AM PST

What will you Learn

  • Manual & Automated mobile application testing in real device.
  • Why mobile experience management matters.
  • Continuous monitoring of mobile applications.
  • Best practices for mobile app testing.
  • Web application testing on mobile browsers.
  • Q&A session


Webinar: Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest

Join us for the latest Webinar on "Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest".
Speakers- Mayank Bhola, VP Technology and Mudit Singh, Director Product & Growth
Day/Time- 20th February 2020, Thursday, 10 am PST

What will you learn?

· What Is GitLab CI?
· Configuring a CI/CD pipeline for a sample web application.
· Deep diving into GitLab CI YAML
· Leverage GitLab Variables
· Integrate GitLab CI with LambdaTest for cloud-based Selenium Grid
· Parallel testing with online Selenium Grid
· Monitoring your GitLab CI/CD pipeline.
· Q&A session

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We're now live on Product Hunt with our Automated Screenshot Scheduler!!!

Howdy testers? We are excited to be featured on the Product Hunt community with our Screenshot Scheduler. Please share some love ❤️️ by sharing your feedback to the community!


Now Test on Mac OS Catalina & Safari 13 on LambdaTest

Hello Testers!!! We have made the most awaited MacOS Catalina now live on LambdaTest platform. You can now perform Real time live interactive testing on Mac OS Catalina on Safari 13, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes for you! We'll keep you updating with latest browsers and OS in our coming releases.

Happy Testing!

LambdaTest now integrates with Backlog!

Hello testers, Merry Christmas! LambdaTest now integrates with with Backlog to help you log bugs directly from LambdaTest on your Backlog project, in just a single click.

By integrating your LambdaTest account with your Backlog project, you will be able to generate a task on Backlog directly from LambdaTest, should you come across any cross browser issue.

That way you can highlight a bug while cross browser testing and report it to your colleagues over Backlog. You can provide specific details about the bug on LambdaTest while filing the bug. These details would automatically be reflected over Backlog, along with the screenshot you highlighted on LambdaTest.

If you are already using Backlog then make sure to integrate LambdaTest with your Backlog account to experience seamless cross browser testing.

Now Schedule your Screenshot Tests with LambdaTest Scheduler

We have made screenshot testing on a set of combinations much easier for you now! 😉 With the latest Screenshot scheduler feature, you can now schedule your automated screenshot tests on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

All you need to do is to select the frequency and date, day and time on which you want your screenshot tests to run and we'll do the rest. You'll get your screenshot test results directly in your mailbox!

You can access, reschedule, and delete your already running scheduler in the "Recents" tab under Screenshot Testing!

Note: The time mentioned in the scheduler dropdown is in GMT(Greenwich Mean Time).

Test on Chromium on iOS and all latest desktop browsers.

Chromium browser on iOS devices

The most demanded browser- Chromium is now live in Real time testing in iOS devices. You can now test your websites and web applications on Chromium browser in iOS 11.3 and above under our Real time testing feature.

New Browsers in Real time testing

Along with this new browser, we also updated the latest browsers on LambdaTest Cloud platform. You can now test on latest desktop browsers including Chrome 78 stable, Chrome 79 Beta, Firefox 70 Stable, Firefox 71 Beta, and Opera 65 Beta on all Windows and Mac browsers. You can access all the latest browsers under Real time testing.

We want to make sure you get the best experience on our platform and your users on yours :) Let us know if you have any question on our 24/7 chat support or you can share us in the feedback as well :).

Happy Testing!

Now Test With Selenium 4 Capabilities, Shared Tunnel, & Geo Location testing in Automation!


Selenium 4 Powered Testing

The latest Selenium version (Selenium 4) is in it's Alpha stage and would be launched any day now. We have upgraded our platform to support the latest version and now you can run Selenium 4 based test at LambdaTest platform.

If you want to upgrade to latest version that's awesome and we have you covered, however if you are running selenium 3.x or earlier version, no worries we got you covered as well. The latest update is backwards compatible. That means your current scripts will work as it is on LambdaTest. Learn More about Selenium 4 on LambdaTest.


Geo-proxy Enabled Cross Browser Testing in Automation

Did you know that your website may appear different when rendered from different geographical location? LambdaTest can help you with that !!!!

Earlier last month we launched GeoLocation testing features for manual real time testing features. Today we extended these features to our Selenium Automation Grid offering as well. You can define the geolocation you want to run your test scripts on though the desired capabilities object. Check out how to perform cross browser test automation from different geo-locations with LambdaTest.


Lambda Shared Tunnel For Faster Testing

With our all new shared tunnel feature you can now configure a shared Lambda Tunnel for all of the teammates that are listed under your organization at LambdaTest. This will eliminate the need for them to configure a tunnel again for testing a website or web application. Know more about running share Lambda Tunnel.

Learn more.

Let us know how you feel about this exciting release. :)

Till then,

Happy Testing!!!

Webinar - Web UI Testing with Python and LambdaTest

New to web UI testing?

Don’t worry! Register now for our webinar and get accustomed about the benefits of UI testing and how you can perform it using Python & LambdaTest.

In this webinar, you will be learning how to perform extensive browser compatibility testing using Python and Selenium testing with an online Selenium Grid.

29 OCT 2019 | 10 AM PST

Speakers - Andrew Knight & Jay Singh

Test on New iPads & iOS 13 Devices

Earlier this month, we launched iPhone 11 series with the latest iOS 13 on our platform and on user demand we have extended support for iOS 13 on more iPhone devices to stretch your test coverage for mobile testing. We have also added more devices for iPads. You can find these additions under our live-interactive, real-time testing.

Devices on which you can test on iOS 13

You can now test on these devices having iOS 13 to make sure that your users are enjoying iOS 13, bug free:

  1. iPhone 8
  2. iPhone 8 plus
  3. iPhone X
  4. iPhone XR
  5. iPhone XS
  6. iPhone XS Max

Test on iPad Mini(5th Gen) and iPad Mini 4

Along with these devices, we have also added iPad Mini(5th Generation) on latest iPad OS (iOS 13) and some previous iOS versions including iOS 12.4 and iOS 12.2.

With the latest addition on iPad Mini 4, you can test on iOS 12.4, iOS 12.2, iOS 12.0, and iOS 11.3.

Now, don't miss the latest iOS and and more iPads with LambdaTest Real time testing. We'll keep adding more and more devices and bring the latest OS for you to test!

Read more about the latest update.

Till the time, happy testing!

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