Get Lighthouse Performance Metrics On Automation Dashboard [Beta]

Hello Testers 👋 

This is really exciting to announce as LambdaTest now integrates with Google Lighthouse💡

As of now we have launched this feature in Beta phase 🅱 for macOS Catalina on Chrome Browser versions 75 and above

LambdaTest and Lighthouse: How does it Help? 
Using our online selenium grid you can now generate a performance report of your website while performing cross browser testing. This makes the integration a powerhouse where you can analyze both visual and performance testing reports on a single dashboard.🚀

All you have to do is run a performance capability using our Desired Capabilities and get a complete understanding of how your website looks and acts across different browsers.
To get started, refer our documentation on Lighthouse Performance Metrics Using Online Selenium Grid

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They say curiosity is the hunger of human minds.Or is it the other way around? 👀

We tried to unravel this mystery linking our minds to our bellies and somehow we zeroed in on Selenium and Python! 🐍 

As crazy as it sounds, that’s the combination a hungry and curious guy used to fill his belly with a lifetime supply of pizza sticks.💁 🍕

Yes, we are not kidding! Sanjeet Chatterjee's how python and selenium can get a lifetime of pizza supply is a tantalising slice to read. 📨 

But before you try to replicate his steps and get a supply of your own, you might also want to take a look at the most interesting stories of the week. 

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This issue talks about the complex relationship that exists between software developers & test codes. There couldn’t be a better love-hate relationship that exists in our world.🔛 

👨 Tal Doron agrees and he even tries to brave out his very own theory. And that’s just the beginning! 

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New Integrations On-board!

Here’s an exciting announcement for you! 📣

We know managing any web project is tricky and the challenges to track the bugs is daunting when you get started with testing. 

To help you ease the efforts while you test on LambdaTest, we consistently look forward to updating our list of integrations with your favourite tools!

Announcing three new integrations for you 💌 

LambdaTest Integrates with BugHerd

  LambdaTest Integrates with Mattermost

  LambdaTest Integrates with Rocket.Chat

With our single click integration you can push annotated issues to the project or communicate to the channel of your choice, assign it to the required team mate, track the bugs and attach necessary screenshots. You can do all that while in the middle of a test session in LambdaTest platform. 

You will find it under Integrations, as shown below 👇 

LambdaTest Status Page: Communicating Incidents With Ease

Hey Testers 😎 

You will agree with us that downtimes are inevitable 🆘 However, it's essential to keep you updated on any incidents that we are facing or if having any scheduled maintenance so you can plan prior 📆  

To make this easy, we introduced the LambdaTest Status Page, where you can get updates on our systems' performance in real time. If there are interruptions to service or scheduled maintenance, we will post a note here 🔔 👇

As always, if you are experiencing any issues, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We'll get back to you as soon as we can 🚀 

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Our pick of the week is The Tech Girl, Angie Jones 👩‍🚀as she talks about the very features that Codeless Automation tools must offer. 

We have also featured an interesting discussion between Sune Engsig and Harshit Paul about overcoming test automation challenges with Codeless Automation. 🎯 

Rest assured that this edition has a lot more in store for you! 📥  

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Now Reproduce Geolocation Tests To Make Debugging Easy

The Geolocation feature has been a real game changer for our real time testing users. However, we realized the challenges of reproducing a bug when you test your website for different countries.🌏

Until now, a user would mark the bug and share it across the team. The team members' challenge while debugging was to relaunch the same test environment, especially the test location, unless they do it manually🔄

Now you can Reproduce the Geolocation tests with just a single click. All you have to is click on the link provided, which will include your changed location. Whenever you relaunch the test using the link, it will launch with the same location. So it eliminates the need to change the location manually while you are busy debugging.🚀 

To use this feature, you can go to the 'Issue Tracker' to check your bug's status, you will see a link to your test (as shown below).

This is where our GeoIP reproduce feature comes into play; once you click on the test link, you will be redirected to your project management tool (Jira in our case), and you will be able to see an option to ‘Reproduce on LambdaTest’ with a link below.


LambdaTest Now Integrates With Wrike

On popular demand, we have now added Wrike to our list of integrations for project management.

We believe that project management tools should be available at the click of a button, and we want you to avail this feature regardless of the tool you use. You will find it under Integrations, as shown below. You just need to click on the button and add it using the plus symbol you will see there.🚀

For more information, you can refer to our support documentation integrating Wrike with LambdaTest.

Active Alerts For Concurrent Sessions In Real Time Testing

Earlier, if the user launches a new session while there is an ongoing session run by another team member, the session would abruptly stop! 🚫

It was getting a little difficult for teams, especially when everyone is working remotely. Hence we introduced an alerting mechanism for parallel sessions to help you function at ease. 🔔 

Now, you will be prompted whenever you are exceeding your maximum concurrent sessions limit (depending on your plan). This gives you time to intimate other users and ask for an ETA before you launch a session of your own, making it easier to work together as a team and plan the workflow.  

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