New browsers, and an App Engine to display supported devices

Hey Testers 👋 

Test on the latest browsers in Real Time Testing and Screenshot Testing 🌐 


  • Edge 100 Beta, 99
  • Firefox 99, 98


  • Chrome 99 
  • Firefox 98 
  • Edge 99


We have rolled out a new feature called App Engine for real-time app testing on emulators and simulators to detect if your app is compatible with the device OS. In this way, you can see the supported devices for the apps you upload by enabling the App Engine toggle. 

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Filter Tests Based On Real Device, Share Video Recording & More!

Hey Testers 😀 

Check out the latest features updates in Real Time Testing 👇 

  1. In Test Logs, you can now filter tests based on real devices.
  2. You can now share the video recordings of test sessions via a shareable link while performing cross browser testing
  3. Test cross browser compatibility of websites (and web apps) on the latest browsers.
  • Firefox 98 Beta, 97
  • Opera 84
  • Edge 99 Beta

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Run Screenshot Tests On Windows 11, & Latest Browsers!

Hey Folks! 😀 

Glad to announce the new feature updates in Real Time and Screenshot testing 🚀 


You can now capture automated screenshots of websites and web apps on Windows 11.

In addition, you can perform automated browser screenshot testing on the latest Chrome 98 and Edge 98.


 Perform cross browser compatibility testing of websites on the latest browsers 👇 

  • Chrome 99 Beta, 98 
  • Edge 98

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Latest Browsers, Download Screenshot Testing Report, And More!

Hey Testers 😀 

Check out the latest addition in Live-interactive testing 🚀 

  • New browsers have been added in:
  1. Real Time Testing - Chrome 98 Beta, 97 | Edge 98 Beta, 97 | Firefox 97 Beta, 96 | Opera 83
  2. Screenshot Testing - Opera 83
  • In Screenshot testing, users can now download the generated screenshots as a PDF file. 

  • In Test Logs, you can now search tests based on Test ID, Browser and OS.

  • New cities have been added to Geolocation testing.

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