Run Accessibility Tests On Windows 10, & Latest Browsers!

Hey Testers!

Here are the latest features added to Real Time Testing and Screenshot. 👇 


  • You can now perform Accessibility testing of websites and web apps on Windows 10 using NVDA.

  • Test cross-browser compatibility of your websites on the new browsers - Firefox 96 Beta & 95, and Opera 82.


  • Capture full-page automated screenshots of your websites and web apps on the latest browsers - Chrome 96 and Edge 96.

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New Browsers, Safari 15 In macOS Big Sur, And More!

Hey Testers!

Check out what's new in LIVE 👇 

a). You can now test the browser compatibility of websites (and web apps) on,

  • Chrome 97 Beta, 96  
  • Edge 97 Beta, 96  

b). Safari 15 is now available on macOS Big Sur for online browser testing. 🌐 


c). In Screenshot Geolocation testing, users can now see the Geolocation info for their websites and web apps that are currently being tested in. 🌍 

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Coding Jag Weekly: 66th Issue Is Out!

Welcome to the 66th edition of Coding Jag, presented by LambdaTest!

Testing is indeed a very versatile term; it's hard to use it to express anything specific without adding extra words, and those additional words frequently disclose more about what is being tested.

This edition of Coding Jag explores why testing is such a fascinating term, and more.

Get your daily dose of the latest news in the software testing world. 


Now Run Accessibility Test on macOS High Sierra & macOS Mojave, Microphone Support, And Latest Browsers

Hey Testers 👋 

Here are the latest features added in LIVE Testing! 👇 

1. Accessibility Testing On macOS High Sierra & macOS Mojave 💻 

You can now use the SCREEN READER feature to run accessibility tests of websites (and web apps) on macOS High Sierra & macOS Mojave.

2. Support For Microphone 🔊 

We have now enabled the Microphone support on macOS Big Sur & macOS Monterey.

3. Test On Latest Browsers 🌐 

New browsers are added in:

  • Real Time Testing - Firefox 95 Beta, 94 | Edge 96 Beta, 95 | Opera 81
  • Screenshot Testing - Chrome 95 | Firefox 94 | Edge 95 | Opera 81

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