Coding Jag 11th issue is now live! #SubsribeNow

Welcome to the 11th edition of our weekly newsletter CodingJag by LambdaTest 💥

There comes a point in every professional’s life when their strategies and processes need a major overhaul  

Technology is changing at the blink of an eye and so are customers’ expectations from your product. If you don’t change often and enough, you risk becoming obsolete.

But we can’t let that happen to our comrades. So, let’s reinvent your testing practices and see what you can make out of it! 💪 

As you leverage new tools, take calculated risks, or establish new goals, Raj Subrameyer wants you to follow certain steps and master the art of testing. Won’t it be better to reinvent the wheel instead of breaking it? 👀

Apart from that, this edition provides more food for thought around the best GitHub repos, manual testing, automation, and the latest events from our world. Put on your thinking caps now! 💆 

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