Introducing LambdaTest Certifications & Learning Hub

Hello Testers👋
We, at LambdaTest, believe everyone deserves access to valuable and free education. That’s why today, we’re excited to announce our Certifications 🎉 🏆 

That’s right, folks, LambdaTest is not just the coolest place to perform cross browser testing anymore. We are now your go-to platform to upskill, learn and get LAMBDATEST CERTIFIED 🚀

But Wait 💬 

Are you are worried about the learning resources to take the Certification? 📚 Well, we have got a solution just for you. Presenting our Learning Hub 🎉

To help you out here, we have launched a dedicated free resource Learning Hub that will help you gain foundational knowledge of every excellent tool or framework that comes your way. Be it Selenium, Cross browser testing, or Web development, we will have you covered! 😎 

Get a headstart and get certified today! For more details please read our product update.