Webinar: Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest

Join us for the latest Webinar on "Ensure A Robust CI/CD Pipeline With GitLab CI & LambdaTest".
Speakers- Mayank Bhola, VP Technology and Mudit Singh, Director Product & Growth
Day/Time- 20th February 2020, Thursday, 10 am PST

What will you learn?

· What Is GitLab CI?
· Configuring a CI/CD pipeline for a sample web application.
· Deep diving into GitLab CI YAML
· Leverage GitLab Variables
· Integrate GitLab CI with LambdaTest for cloud-based Selenium Grid
· Parallel testing with online Selenium Grid
· Monitoring your GitLab CI/CD pipeline.
· Q&A session

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